Your FQHC depends on your IT systems. You want a company that is experienced in IT Services for FQHCs. We’re confident that we are the only network services, computer support and IT consulting business in Western Pennsylvania that provides these benefits to your FQHC.

For your FQHC your IT Isn’t Just Important… It’s Critical!

FQHCs are very different from many other organizations. Why?

They are a combination of Medical & Non-Profit

Here is some of items that FQHCs work and deal with on a daily basis:

  • Medical, Vision and Dental Care, Counseling and Pharmacy services
  • EMR
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • HRSA
  • Apply for grants and outside funding to help cover costs
  • UDS & Reporting
  • CDSS
  • Meaningful Use
  • Interoperability
  • Direct Messaging

And they do all this to provide Medical/Dental care to people who are in real need and cannot afford it otherwise!

Here are the reasons you can depend on PC Doctor to keep you and your FQHC up and running:

  • Uniqueness of FQHCs – As a medical non-profit organization, you face financial challenges that for-profit companies do not. Your funds may be restricted, you may be required to fund projects through grants, and government funding. While other IT providers might say, "You need a new server, call us when you have the money," at PC Doctor, we look for creative solutions to solve the problem. Whether that means assisting with long-term IT planning and budgeting or acquiring grants and donations, we never abandon our clients.
  • FQHC Planning Services - PC Doctor's FQHC planning services include infrastructure and budgeting services. Our staff can redesign a FQHC’s IT infrastructure and network to increase efficiency and reduce costs. To work with an organization's budgeting needs, we can design our recommendations to be implemented in phases, specifying which services and pieces of equipment necessitate immediate deployment and which can wait.
  • Grant, Discount and donation Acquisition for FQHCs - Our staff are experts in the programs which support and subsidize non-profit groups such as TechSoup and can help guide you and your non-profit organization in the right direction. After deciding to apply for a grant, we manage the application components that require IT expertise, such as outlining infrastructure specifications. We often secure discounts from vendors for qualifying non-profits, and our close relationships with industry leading vendors means that we can even receive equipment, applications and subscriptions for free!

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PC Doctor has a reputation as a top provider of IT services based in the heart of Pittsburgh