How it all started…

Mendy Feigelstock – Founder

Mendy Feigelstock was the founder of PC Doctor. He moved from Minnesota to Pittsburgh in 1993 and started PC Doctor. His fascination with electronics started as a young boy in Montreal taking apart old radios and seeing how things worked and then putting them back together again. When it came to IT work he was a self taught Genius who could figure anything out that you put in his way. The personal care and attention Mendy showed people was an integral part of who he was. That’s what makes PC Doctor so special and different to all other IT companies. As PC Doctor grew, Mendy decided to hire his nephew Avi and make it a family business. And as it grew a little more he hired another nephew, Shuey. Unfortunately Mendy became sick and passed away. Mendy has an amazing wife and six great kids. Avi and Shuey strive to emanate and continue what Mendy started.

Avi Teitelbaum – President

Avi joined PC Doctor in 2000 and has over 15 year of experience in the IT field. Avi is certified in programming and brings extensive expertise and a wealth of experience to our growing company. In 2008 after his uncle passed away Avi took over the day to day operation until he decided to buy PC Doctor and make it his own. He continues to be very hands-on and does not sit behind
a desk but rather he is out there fixing the problems to know what’s going on and make sure the clients always come first. In addition to his career in the IT field, Avi enjoys the outdoors running marathons, biking, basketball, football and gardening. He has a passion for beer and loves brewing his own. He has a wonderful family, his wife and 4 incredible children, 3 girls and a boy.

Favorite Movie: Frozen (from what his 5 yr old claims) Memento
Favorite Food: BBQ
Favorite Band: Metallica
If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? To paint or play guitar

Shuey Teitelbaum – Partner/Vice President

Shuey started his apprenticeship in 2006 with Avi as his guide. He started from the ground up and learned how every part of PC Doctor worked. He loves researching and keeping our clients up to date on all the latest software and technologies for their businesses.

In addition to his love of technology he loves the outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, swimming and a new found passion for gardening and pickling his homegrown cucumbers. Shuey is married to an amazing wife and has 4 children, a two boys and two girls.

Favorite Place: The beach
Favorite Composer: Hans Zimmer
Favorite Food: Anything with ketchup
Favorite Color: Orange (my son’s hair color)
Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Bill Cross - Director of IT and Operations

Bill is a native Pittsburgher, born and raised. He joins PC Doctor with a 31 years of IT and Operations experience. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Computer Science, Bill has worked for Technology and Financial Services companies. A strong believer in giving back to the community, Bill has been an Elected Shaler Township Commissioner since 1996 where he is the Vice President of the Board, and also serves as the President of Shaler Hampton Emergency Medical Services. Bill and his wife Karen have five daughters and two granddaughters. When he is not working Bill enjoys spending quality time vacationing at the beach.

Favorite Sport: Golf
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Vacation: Aruba
Favorite Quote: “You’re whistlin’ up a dead dog’s ass.” Tim Rogers
Favorite Pastime: Gardening and wine making

Bob Barilla – Senior Support Engineer

Bob comes to PC Doctor with over 10 years of working in the IT Industry. Bob was born and raised in Pittsburgh and graduated from ITT Technical Industry. He enjoys the challenges of solving the ever changing issues that the computers bring to the world. He loves to watch and play all sports and is part of a Bowling League, and also enjoys a good game of Poker. Bob is married to an amazing wife, who is a first grade teacher. They have a 2 year old son, and also have a dog and a cat which adds to the family fun.

Favorite Food: Italian & Mexican
Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin
Favorite Place: PNC Park on opening day
If you were a super hero, which one would you be? Wolverineine

Kevin Marshall - Senior Support Engineer

Kevin comes to PC Doctor after serving for 4 years in the military and doing 1 tour in Kuwait as a BCP. While he is states side he is working on his degree in computer Information System with a specialization in information system Security. When Kevin is not working he loves to build custom workstations and anything outdoors from weekend camping trips to extreme sports like snowboarding and dirt biking. He love spending time with his beautiful wife and 6 year old daughter.

Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite Band: Love all different types of music
Favorite Superhero: Human Torch

Mike Carmichael - Support Technician

Michael grew up in West Mifflin where he attended West Mifflin Area High School. He played football as a left tackle until his junior year. He has two older sisters and brother. He worked at Kennywood for three years until he moved away to go to college at Pittsburgh Technical College. He graduated with degree in Information Technology. He likes Photography and enjoys going bowling with his dad and brother. He enjoys playing PlayStation 4 with his friends and anything with action is preferred. He loves spending time with his family and playing with his two dogs, Ruby and Shadow.

Favorite Movie: Love, Simon
Hobbies: Photography and Bowling
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Series
Could not live without: Play Station
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man

Leah Kantor – Lead Service Coordinator

Leah is all about organization and getting everyone else organized as well. She is married and has 4 highly spirited children. She loves getting together with friends and family and enjoying life and tries not to sweat the small stuff.

Favorite Quote: “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”
Favorite Book: Anything by Kenyon and Kleypas
Past Time: Organizing everything, baking, and going on outings with the family.
Favorite Place: Bedford Springs

Shalee Marshall – Service Coordinator

Shalee is currently in school perusing a degree in nursing. She enjoys cooking, baking, working out and photography. In her free time she loves spending time outdoors with her husband and their beautiful daughter.

Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite movie: Any Harry Potter movie
Favorite music: Open to all different types of music
Hobbies: Listening to music, Boxing and Hiking

Daniel Thein

Daniel is currently a senior at Duquesne pursuing a BSBA in marketing. He enjoys most things regarding automotive/aviation and hopes to someday have his private pilots license. He is engaged to his highschool sweetheart, where they both attended Shaler high school. He loves running and enjoys the outdoors. He also love all types of animals and has a Pac-Man frog named Wentworth and a dog named Samantha who is a cross between a horse and a Doberman.

Favorite Super: Superman (The whole flying thing).
Favorite Vacation: so far has been a to the Bahamas, but I think I am looking forward most to traveling to Japan (someday).
Favorite Sport: baseball
Favorite Food: Mexican
Favorite Band: Linkin Park
Favorite Movie: The Matrix

Shaina Wiener

Shaina is the newest member of PC Doctor Team. She joins us after working for 5 years at a non- profit organization with children who have special needs. She decided she needed a change and found a new excitement in the ever changing marketing world. She is constantly finding new ways to expand our already growing company. When she’s not at PC Doctor she is spending time with her husband and her 2 fabulous children who are two and four years old. On her spare time she enjoys photography, baking and a quite night out with her husband.

Favorite Magazine: Click photography and Parenting
Favorite Must Have: Starbucks Coffee
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Biking